Uncontested divorce in Illinois

If you want the most affordable and fastest type of divorce in Illinois, then an uncontested divorce is likely your best bet. I handle a lot of complex divorces involving significant assets, but not everyone needs a complex divorce. Check out some of these resources.

Flat fees

Some lawyers offer divorces for a flat fee. For those types of cases, everything has to be in agreement.

Here is a great article about flat fee uncontested divorce in Illinois – it was written by one of the best uncontested divorce lawyers in Illinois.

Divorce Process

Even for an uncontested divorce in Illinois, the divorce process can be confusing. It can sometimes cause a divorce to take much longer than expected.

Generally speaking, one of the big benefits of hiring an Illinois divorce lawyer is so you don’t have to worry about messing around with divorce procedure – even in a relatively simple case.

It is natural to find this confusing. If you are curious about the process, check out this article about uncontested divorce in Illinois.

Some things to know

There are a couple things you should know about an uncontested divorce in Illinois:

  1. It is cheaper than fighting about your divorce
  2. You can probably find a lawyer who offers a flat fee
  3. It is much quicker than fighting about your divorce
  4. You and your spouse must agree to all terms

Watch out for “free” information

It can be tempting to search out a bunch of free information on the Internet. Some people talk to friends and relatives that have been divorce.

But you need to watch out for so-called “free” information. It is often not accurate, or maybe it was accurate at one point, but now it’s dated.

Retaining a flat fee uncontested divorce lawyers is the best way to get divorced properly while not exposing yourself to undue risk.