Divorcing a Missing Spouse

Sometimes people have been separated for many years and have never gotten divorced.  They may figure that they have no children, they own no real property,  they have no marital property, or they never plan to remarry, so what’s the big deal? If you have been separated for many years, in the eyes of the court you might as well still be living together because your rights and responsibilities are still the same.  Anything that you have purchased is marital property, even if purchased in your own name.  Your spouse is still entitled to a portion of your pension benefits, and if you die without a will, your spouse will still be able to get a spouse’s share of the intestate estate. The only way to separate your finances from a spouse is through a legal separation, which is a court proceeding, or a divorce. Continue reading “Divorcing a Missing Spouse”

Interstate Custody Law at Issue in Bode Miller Custody Debate

Bode Miller has garnered a great deal of negative attention for his custody case. Bloggers have argued that the New York court’s initial ruling was a battle against the rights of pregnant, unmarried women. They have also argued that the media should not paing him as doting father or hero because he’s really a jerk who tried to take his child away from the child’s mother.  However, this case shows that the legal system does work, and a also points out a huge loophole in interstate custody laws. Continue reading “Interstate Custody Law at Issue in Bode Miller Custody Debate”