Three Tips for a Successful Mediation

Ad a divorce mediator in Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois, Many people ask me about the pros and cons of meditation, and some of them have been addressed in my prior article.  However, once you have decided you want to try mediation, it can help to keep in mind the following three tips for successful divorce mediation. If you are interested in divorce mediation, you can contact me or check out a mediation website I’m a part of [click here].

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Should I Mediate My Divorce?

It depends.

Why Mediate a Divorce?

When a couple files for a divorce, usually there are a lot of angry feelings. The tendency is to want to fight for every conceivable advantage. That is why you hire a lawyer, right? Well, yes and no. You hire a lawyer to fight for your rights, but also to advise you as to the best course of action to take, all the ramifications that certain actions will have and how to achieve the best possible results. Your attorney will likely inform you that mediation is the best way to go. Why? Continue reading “Should I Mediate My Divorce?”

Divorce Dirty Tricks

Sometimes a spouse will pretend to be cooperative with the divorce, telling you that they want to work everything out without the involvement of lawyers.  Initially this may seem like a great idea, as you can save money and hopefully move on from the marriage as friends rather than enemies.  What could go wrong in such a scenario?  I will give you several examples that I have encountered in my practice. Continue reading “Divorce Dirty Tricks”